Shipping and Delivery

What if the customer picked the wrong size or color, can I change it?

Our production facility is automated for processing orders as fast as possible so your customer gets the order ASAP. Unfortunately, because of our automated process, any requests to change an order must be submitted before the item has entered production. We offer for sellers the ability within your own CC app dashboard to put an order on hold by clicking the green circular button. This prevents it from being ordered and put into production, which allows customer service an opportunity to make any changes. Once the change is made, the order is taken off hold and put back into the system. If it already says ‘Being Fulfilled’ though, it is too late to put it on hold. Once an order has entered production, it is going to be decorated and we are no longer able to edit the order. Please utilize the size charts and have a detailed explanation available to your customers.

How is shipping determined and what does it cost?

We charge $4.99 for the first item+ $1.50 per each additional product added to that order shipped domestic and $7.50 for the first item + $5.95 per each additional product to the rest of the world.

Who pays the customs duties & taxes?

International shipments may incur customs fees depending on the country and their regulations. Any customs fees are to be paid to the appropriate customs agency by the customer.

How long does it take for buyers to receive their merchandise?

On average, merchandise is produced and shipped from our facility 2-3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-7 days for domestic and 4-15 days for international).

How can I check the status of an order and see how much I was charged for fulfillment?

You can view the status of an order by navigating to your CustomCat App dashboard. If you notice an order in your Shopify dashboard that doesn’t appear in your CustomCat dashboard, you will want to wait 2 hours at most before contacting us. CustomCat batches your Shopify orders every 2 hours (half past the hour). The order will show "unfulfilled" until the shipping label is printed and the package is ready to ship. At this point the status will change to "fulfilled" and the tracking number will be displayed for your use. Keep in mind that the customer is also sent the tracking automatically via Shopify's email confirmation.

What is the return address listed on the packing slip? Where will the package be sent?

Be aware that the return address listed on the shipping label is for our production facility, (DBA CustomCat) but your store name will be listed as the sender. We’ll notify you in the case of a return and decide the best way to move forward.

Why would a package be returned?

Most likely the package was returned due to an undeliverable address. Other instances include the package remaining unclaimed or refused/returned by your customer. We will contact you once the order arrives back to our facility. We would advise contacting your customer to see if they would like to proceed with the order and would wish to have the product reshipped. We may need an updated address or other information to complete the order.

What is your replacement/return policy?

We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge. We typically do not accept returns due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.